And she dresses again !

Morning !

Dario Catellani I R È N E # 5
Parisian photographer Maxime Leyvastre is as good as portraits as architecture or museum snaps. For IRÈNE he did his first nude serie: to discover very soon in our next issue!

—- IRÈNE#5 is pleased to invite you to the launch of her new ISSUE! To discover her new face and her new version, let’s meet on the 22nd of April at Le-Salon Atelier-Galerie, in Paris.

See you there!

(Picture by IRÈNE) IRÈNE is Happy to introduce you to Pavel Samokhvalov! 
He is working mostly commercial stuff but in the next issue of IRÈNE he will let you see more of his secret? and erotic work!! 
To wait until then, have a look on his website!

Welcome to you Pavel!

—- When we asked Aurélien Bacquet to do a serie for IRÈNE’s next issue, he said “Ho you know, I don’t really take pictures of naked people”, our answer was “Good! We don’t want people in your serie!”

Before discovering his exclusive shoot for IRENE, you can check out his website and diary!

—- Editor in chief of Art magazine Prussian Blue, Guillaume de Sardes is also a writer and a photographer.Fervent support of IRÈNE, he will have an exclusive serie in our next issue. Be ready to be surprised!
—- It is the eXquisite hour!

Jessica Wlevin Bellissima! 

I R È N E # 5 with Marco Pietracupa exploring the special relation between the artist and his model.

— Sun is shining! And IRÈNE can show a bit more of herself everyday…
Today we introduce you to Mara Zampariolo’s work… before discovering the serie she made with Ylva Falk for our next issue!

—- A plea for tenderness!

Unknown Photographer and director Kent Andreasen is one of the young talents from Cape Town you should definitely keep an eye on… We love the simplicity and power of his work and are very happy to have him onboard!
—- Miranda’s diary looks like life should be, as full of paradox and intensity. Smoothness and strength, elegance and provocation are waiting for you in her exclusive serie for IRÈNE #5… Keep patience!
—- If you do not teach me I shall not learn!

Unknown For her next issue, IRÈNE made a deal with SPLEEN Magazine: a contribution exchange between her and SPLEEN creators Martina Giammaria and Alberto Moreu… You see what I mean? For the time being, you can discover IRÈNE’s new exclusive serie in SPLEEN 02, out yesterday!